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HERBAVITON company scientists conducted a series of studies to study the influence of the place of growth of medicinal plants, on the content of active substances in them, which directly determine the pharmacological effectiveness of the finished drug. The result was a scientifically based conclusion about the location of the so-called places of strength. These places of plants contain the maximum amount of active substances! This fact was the basis of the priorities of cultivation and harvesting of wild medicinal plants, which are produced in the production of drugs of the "Herbaviton" series.

HERBAVITON phytopreparations are produced in the form of phytotablets, which include extracts and substances of medicinal plants. The composition includes more than 30 vitamins and microelements, as well as phenolic compounds, which are irreplaceable substances that are not synthesized in the human body and come to it only from the outside.

Herbal preparations "Herbaviton" are excellent antioxidants, they prevent the oxidation of active chemical compounds in the cells of the human body, which many times reduces the risk of developing various diseases, including oncological ones.

The company's specialists are constantly developing new original preparations based on medicinal plants. The creation of HERBAVITON parapharmaceuticals is a real breakthrough in medicine and pharmacology - a new level in the development of phytotherapy. The possibility of such a breakthrough was provided by a skillful combination of age-old knowledge about the healing power of plants and innovative technologies of the future.

We pay special attention to quality control of raw materials and finished products. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and extraction of a full range of analyzes of medicinal plants, extracts and substances.

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The pharmaceutical plant, which produces herbal preparations of the "Herbaviton" series, is built in accordance with international GMP requirements, has a European model license and is the only enterprise of its kind in Eastern Europe!

The plant meets the most modern requirements for the preparation of water, air, etc. these are the most important aspects of pharmaceutical production that ensure sterility and the appropriate classes of cleanliness of production sites, warehouses, sanitary zones, laboratories and other production premises. The enterprise is equipped with pharmaceutical equipment of the new generation from the world's leading manufacturers. The equipment was developed specifically for this plant, taking into account all the features and unique technologies used in the production of herbavitons.

The unique innovative technology of cryogenic grinding is used in the production of HERBAVITON, it has a number of advantages compared to traditional methods of processing plant raw materials, eliminates all their disadvantages and is currently recognized as the most effective of all existing ones. Thanks to the technology of cryogenic grinding, the membrane of the plant cell is opened, this makes it possible for the active substances to quickly enter the blood of a person and to provide a high pharmacological effect to each ready-made preparation of the "Herbaviton" series.

During deep freezing, in an atmosphere of liquid nitrogen, the action of oxidizing enzymes stops, the processes of oxidation, aggregation and caramelization of raw materials are prevented, as a result of which maximum preservation of all useful substances is ensured. And also the natural taste and smell of plants. In other words, the effectiveness of drugs manufactured using cryogenic grinding technology increases many times over! High efficiency and safety of use, these are the main criteria that all HERBAVITON herbal preparations meet

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